About Us


We’re Gen and Alain, the founders of Social Art Beat.

We met dancing the Lindy Hop, a jazz dance born in the African-American community of Harlem, New York. It was an instant connection! Our mutual love of dance enabled us to travel the world together, performing, teaching and competing in inspiring cities like New Orleans, Vancouver, Paris and Seattle. 

The unbelievable energy and vibrant atmosphere we found in the cities we visited inspired us to transform the Montreal dance scene. We created the Swing Riot, a dance festival that unites the urban street dance and swing dance communities for one life-changing weekend.

As the festival grew, Stéfanie joined us to formally create Social Art Beat in 2015. We built the non-profit to make art and dance more accessible, through a variety of artistic and cultural projects.

We’re currently working on a photo exhibition that will tour North America, an art camp for children in underprivileged neighbourhoods, as well as a video series on YouTube. Stay tuned!


Gen St-Lo has a Masters’ degree in psychoeducation and works in Community Social Pediatrics at the Fondation du Dr. Julien. Her artistic vision and social experience is fundamental to the successful realization of each and every Social Art Beat project.


Alain Wong has spent the last decade working as Director of Communications in early stage tech startups, while also being committed to projects like his dance studio Cat’s Corner. His ability to create meaningful and effective content is part of what makes Social Art Beat so special.


Stéfanie Jomphe has worked as a film Production Director for the past five years, her most recent project being Un printemps d’ailleurs by Xiaodan He! Stef’s attention to detail and expertise are crucial in all operational, accounting and administrative aspects of Social Art Beat.